RA Lalli


Our Capabilities, keeping you informed of what we can do.


Manufacturing Processes


We have the capability to perform the following processes in-house or at our vendors who have major quality certifications.

- Heat Treatment of Aluminum, Steel and Titanium Alloys per AMS Spec.
- Stress/Embrittlement Relief Bake, etc.
- Fusion and Resistance Welding of Aluminum, Steel and Titanium Alloys - Class A flight safety and
   Non Critical Parts
- Chemical Milling
- Testing: Rockwell and Conductivity, Tensile and Pressure
- Chemical Film:  Black Oxide, Phosphate and Aluminum Oxide Lubricant
- Bonding:  Adhesive and Vulcanized Rubber to Metal
- Inspections (Critical and Non-Critical Parts): Ultrasonic; Radiographic; Magnetic Particle and
   Fluorescent Penetrant
- Coatings:  Anodic Coating (Chromic, Pre Bond, Sulphuric, Hard Coat, Anodize Phosphoric);
   Ion Vapor deposited; Thermal (Plasma) Spray; Cadmium and Vacuum
- Shot Peening
- Plating: 
Cadmium; Pre-Bond Brush; Chromium High Strength Steel; Chromium;
    Nickel-Chrome Aluminum; Nickel-Cadmium Diffused; Nickel Sulphate; Thin Dense Chrome
- Cleaning: Titanium (Pasa gel)
- Passivation
- Acid Etch
- Anodic Bleed Out
- Adhesive Priming
- CMM Inspection