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Suppliers Purchase Order - Terms & Conditions.


The following are requirements for selling production material and services to RA Lalli, 1805 Stratford Ave, Stratford, CT.
All suppliers must comply with Group A requirements. Group B requirements are required when called out on the Purchase Order.

Group A - Mandatory Requirements for all Suppliers

C of C All Suppliers’ Certificates of Compliance must contain the following: RA Lalli P.O. Number, Part Number, All applicable process specifications with revision, date and authorized signature.
FAA Product or processes and records of manufacture may be subject to Federal Aviation Administration inspection, audit surveillance or investigation.
Identification All material and parts must be clearly identified by accompanying paperwork as to Quantity, Part Number and Revision.
MRB Your company has no MRB authority. RA Lalli must be notified of any suspect or discrepant material before it is sent in.
Right of
During performance of the order authorized Government Representatives and/or RA Lalli customer's representatives have the right of entry to review, verify and analyze the subcontracted product or process.
Process Changes Major changes in processing, manufacturing, equipment, location or subcontracting must be reported and approved by RA Lalli.
Quality Systems Sellers Quality Control system as a minimum must be in conformance to the following AS9100 sections (as applicable)

     »     7.1.5    Monitoring and Measuring Resources
     »     8.2       Requirements for Products and Services - Customer Contract Review
     »     8.4       Control of Externally Provided Processes, Products and Services
     »     8.5       Production and Service Provision
     »     8.6       Release of Products and Services: Monitoring and Measurement of Product
     »     8.7       Control of Nonconforming Outputs
     »     9.1.1    General: Monitoring and Measurement of Processes
     »     10.2     Nonconformity and Corrective Action

Acceptance and Rejection
Notwithstanding any other provision, in addition to the foregoing, suppliers shall be liable for RA Lalli’s actual costs, expenses and damages related to or arising from nonconforming Goods, including but not limited to labor and other costs related to transportation of Goods, expediting, removal, disassembly, failure analysis, fault isolation, assembly, reinstallation, re-inspection, retrofit, and any and all other such corrective action costs incurred by RA Lalli.
Material Certifications
Suppliers shall maintain a copy of all supplier procured raw material mill certifications, which must be readily retrievable and shall include material specification, description, alloy and condition, physical properties, chemical analysis and lot number(s).

Metallic Raw Material Distributors shall include a copy of the original mill's certification with shipment of deliverable material. Supplier shall maintain copies of all subcontracted special processes. Supplier shall also obtain and maintain sub-tier supplier process certifications. No submittal is required unless specifically required per purchase order or other requirement herein. Supplier's material/special process and sub-tier supplier/processor certification and test results shall be made available upon request.
Counterfeit Part Prevention All Suppliers must comply with the current revision of AS6174 Counterfeit Materiel: Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Materiel.

Records of inspection are required with numerical or statistical values, to be kept on file, available for review.
The supplier shall maintain quality records in accordance with the applicable quality system for a minimum of 10 years from completion of purchase order. Records shall include, but not be limited to:

     »     Evidence of inspection to assure adherence to applicable drawings or specifications and revisions.
     »     First Article Inspection/Test Reports.
     »     Records to indicate control of special tooling and special test equipment.
     »     Test data records of all qualification and acceptance test performed.
     »     Raw material and process certifications.

Note: If signed record(s) are sent to RA Lalli, then the Supplier does not have to maintain these record (s) unless required by statutory, regulatory or other regulations
Shipping Documents Supplier shall provide a packing sheet for each separate shipment with the following minimum requirements:
     »     Suppliers company name and address.
     »     Purchase order number, line item(s) and part number.
     »     RA Lalli dispositioned non-conformance document number(s), as applicable.
Subcontracting All applicable RA Lalli requirements must be flowed down to your subcontractors.
RA Lalli, their customers and regulatory authorities  reserve the right of access to all levels of subcontractors and any applicable records.
Group B - When Called Out on PO

1 Suppliers of Age Sensitive Materials shall provide original manufacturing/cure date, lot number(s) expiration date or length of shelf life (if indefinite, so stated). In addition, forward any special storage/handling instructions.  “Shelf life items/material will have not less than 80 percent of shelf life remaining at time of receipt by RA Lalli." Any delivery from a supplier not having at least 80 percent shelf life remaining shall be considered non-conforming.
2 DFARS 252.225-7014 Domestic Specialty Metals, Alt 1.
3 Suppliers of new FAA parts shall meet FAA Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 21 requirements.
4 Special Processors are required to be accredited by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP). A processor's approval will be determined based on the RA Lalli review of the latest NADCAP audit report for those processors with valid NADCAP approvals.
5 Airworthiness and Records
All items supplied on this order must be in airworthy condition and eligible for installation on aircraft certified in the United States.
All documentation pertaining to the origin, testing, inspection, etc. of  this order must remain at your facility for no less than ten (10) years. These documents may be requested at any time by RA Lalli. The material supplied shall be new and conform to the latest issue of the applicable drawing, specification and/or part number that is in effect on the date of the contract.
6 Personnel performing special processes must be NADCAP approved.
7 Test and/or Inspection data is required to be sent in with shipment.
8 Government Inspection is required prior to shipment.
9 Test specimens or coupons required.
10 Tooling - RA Lalli owned or RA Lalli Customer owned tooling is for the exclusive use of RA Lalli product unless otherwise negotiated and agreed upon in writing.
11 Any special customer having specific requirements will be listed in the body of the P. O. including Customer Quality Requirements.

RAL FM 8.4.3-02 Rev 009 7/31/2018

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