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Our mission


RA Lalli strives to provide service beyond customer expectations in order to achieve the greatest possible customer satisfaction, offering added value and helping them maintain competitive advantage and increased productivity and profitability. We offer a variety of services such as stretch forming of aircraft skins, hydro forming, machining services, NADCAP welding and NADCAP heat treat process including simple hardware installation to complex assemblies, and more. We aim to provide the best quality product at the most reasonable cost.

So, who are we?


RA Lalli Company was established in 1935 by Romeo Lalli, a manufacturing pioneer in the Aerospace Industry. 

Romeo Lalli, an inventor and designer, patented the Lalli process of stretch forming specifically for aluminum and titanium aircraft skins.  Romeo designed and built his own Stretch Form Press which is unique to the industry because of its Multi-Function and Hydraulic Powered Movements.

Today, RA Lalli continues as a recognized leader in the Aircraft Sheet Metal Manufacturing Industry.  We have maintained the proven time-tested metal forming standards developed by Romeo Lalli and combined them with state of the art manufacturing methods and equipment.  This practice enables RA Lalli to deliver Quality Products on time at competitive Aerospace market prices.



Aleem Khan, Operations Manager

Tameem Chowdhury, Business Development and Govt. Property Manager

Aleem Khan, Operations Manager
Ravi Soni, Chief Manufacturing Engineer
Artem Blagodatny, Manufacturing Engineer
Sukhpaul Sehmbi, Manufacturing Engineer

Richard Martire, Quality Manager
Dana McConnell, Quality Engineer/Compliance Manager
Jose Colon, Quality Engineer
Patrick Vidal, Quality Engineer

Production/Shipping and Receiving
Zijad Otajagic, Production Supervisor
Tomo Danis, Production Control
Kyle Gleason, Production Control
Jason Mott, Shipping/Receiving
Nikia Sims, Logistics & Raw Material

Elizabeth Sentocnik, Office/Purchasing Manager
Iryna Seledets, Accounting and Contracts



RA Lalli is proud to provide parts/components/assemblies to such prestigious aerospace organizations as Sikorsky, Agusta, Heli-one Composites, Kaman Aerospace, Hexcel, Radant Technologies, Schweizer Aircraft Corp., Vought Aircraft and others.

Our History

Romeo A. Lalli establishes RA Lalli Co.
Romeo A. Lalli is granted patents from the US Patent Office for his inventions of a stretch former with replaceable heated die and pivotally mounted draw bar as well as his design for a clamping jaw used on the stretch former. This clamp provides the ability to use a universal clamp with any of a plurality of differently shaped forming dies eliminating the need for a specialized clamp required for each forming die.
Stratford FG1-D Corsair is brought to RA Lalli Co to be prepared for mounting on the pole at the entrance to the Sikorsky Memorial Airport. The crew took a moment to record their accomplishment on film. Mr. Romeo Lalli can be seen at the center back row in the photo (click here to view image).
RA Lalli Co founder Romeo A. Lalli passes away in January.
JGS Properties takes ownership of RA Lalli Co. and continues operation under new management.
RA Lalli acquires the Type Certificate for the Luscombe 11E single-engine four-seater from Quartz Mountain Aerospace as a result of QMA's bankruptcy dissolution.
RA Lalli established a quality management system that is in conformance with the International Quality System Standard AS9100:2009 (Rev. C) & ISO 9001:2008 and receives certification.  See our Commit to Quality page.
RA Lalli is a Made in CT manufacturer.